What Is The Best Time Of Possibility For A Celebrity To Follow, Reply Your Message Or Post?

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What Is The Best Time Of Possibility For A Celebrity To Follow, Reply Your Message Or Post?

What Is The Best Time Of Possibility For A Celebrity To Follow, Reply Your Message Or Post?





We are starting with a commonly asked questions from even fans and fellow celebrity colleagues, “What Is The Best Time Of Possibility For A Celebrity To Reply Your Message?’ and in this article, I will be answering that question with a working trusted strategy to easily get what you need.






First, before we dive into answering the question stated above. Let us know the meaning of some words in the context below ;




What Is The Best Time Of Possibility For A Celebrity To Reply Your Message





Who and What Makes Someone A Celebrity?




A Celebrity as the term implies Celebrity is a short form for the word “Celebration” and celebration is an action word which means the moment or avenue when one is happy or in a happy mood and maybe a party is thrown in order to celebrate the Individual.






So a celebrity is an individual with good potentials, and they are celebrated all over, with a high number of fans, endorsement deals, brand ambassadorship, good influential powers, and ranking talents.






Picking from the above definition, a celebrity is often referred to as a star, which means they’ve got good public attention and they are always the talk of many and because of their public appearance and large fans base many top brands go to them for endorsement deals and sometimes brand ambassadorship are awarded to them.






Knowing fully well from the above explanation on Who and What Makes Someone A Celebrity, We can now go on to the next step which is how you can get a celebrity to reply to your message or post.







What Is The Best Time Of Possibility For A Celebrity To Reply Your Message




As you likewise know by now, a celebrity based on their public appearance and attention they are often busy with a lot of busy schedules and meetings, so this makes it hard for a celebrity to reply to a fan’s message or post to them. On the other hand, as a celebrity, the amount of messages which they receive each passing minute, and the day is way too many for them to be able to reply.






Imagine checking the inbox of a star like Wizkid, Drake, Jeff Bezos, Cardi B, Elon Musk, Davido etc. You’d see that the possibility of replying your message is very low because they get more than A thousand messages each day from people they don’t even know not to talk about the ones they know and are close to them.






For this reason, if you check on the Twitter account of most celebrities even here in Nigeria and outside, they all often close their inbox, so no one can message them on the Platform without their approvals. This is an amazing feature of Twitter though it seems not to be available on the other popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.







Strategies For Twitter;



So with this, even if their inbox on Twitter is locked and you can not access them via inbox you can as well get their attention with a good quality tweet and tag or mention the celebrity, as with that you can get a celebrity to either reply to your post or retweet you tweet. This works really well if you check most trending tweets from just a Twitter user, the reason for it is because a celebrity might have retweeted or replied to the tweet.





You can as well get celebrity attention by steady being active, the reason for this is there is the possibility for every first five (5) comments on a celebrity tweet to be liked, retweet, or replied to. Yes, this works really well. Because according to celebrated stars, they revealed that after making a post they, in turn, go through the first 5-10 comments because they want to know what their fans are saying about them or what they shared.






You can get the attention of a celebrity on the bird app (Twitter) by using their hashtags, yes you might not know this yet, but it is one of the quickest ways for a celebrity to see and figure you out. When they make a hashtag they often go to check what people (the public) are saying using the hashtag they created. This is also an easy way to get more views or attention to whatever you want to make visible.







Strategies For Instagram;



Instagram is one of the most populated social media platforms that according to their about section is a Picture, video-sharing app, but following the growth of the social world, Nowadays eyes are drawn away from the internet and now directed to social media platforms.






To know a real celebrity account on the social media platforms now, it is distinguished with the blue checkmark which shows they are authentic and are the real person so as to minimize the risk of impersonification. This helps to decrease the rate of scams that arise after some individuals claim to be a celebrity or represent them and in the end, they fool others and take away some valuable items from them.







Getting celebrities attention on Instagram, I can say is easy because you can actually work it out by following the below-stated ways;





Make Your Account/Profile Friendly:



Many individuals that are complaining that they are being snubbed by their claimed icon, stars and loved celebrity is really getting it wrong. Yes getting a celebrity’s attention starts from the look and feel of your profile/account.





I know this works really well, take for instance you are a celebrity, and am trying to get your attention, the first thing before you follow me, like my post or reply to my Instagram post, you will definitely want to feel safe, yes and this comes by you checking my profile.






The Bad Profile – When a celebrity comes to check on your profile and finds no profile picture, no short biography was written, no means of identification, no real data the celebrity just feel more insecure because your profile is not friendly so they do not like wasting their time to replying, following or giving you any attention some might even end up blocking you from seeing their future updates/posts.






The Good Profile – When a celebrity checks on your profile and gets comfortable this is triggered by the look and feel of your profile, they saw a good profile picture, a short biography data about you, which shows you are real and that makes them feel okay and if it interests them they might not just reply or like your post they might even follow you. Yeah, this feels like a big achievement because with that you can get known more to the public and can easily get more followers and the attentions of other celebrities too.







Be Always Active/Give Them Enough Attention:




This works too for Instagram even as it works well for Twitter, Ensure to always comment, like, and participate/engage in all their post and tips, for instance for a music star like Wizkid, Davido Burna Boy, etc. They all often release songs, and as well as music videos. But even before they release the songs or videos they will come to their verified social media account to share a thriller or a tip on what their fans should be expecting from the song or music video.






This is an advantage to You as a fan or an individual that wants to get the attention of the celebrity, yes this is how it works. After the celebrity has made that thriller post as a hint to the upcoming activity, as you that is trying to get their attention you need to drop a really good comment on the post-it might get noticed too. Even yet before they release the main music or music video, you can go on to using the room to make something creative, something that is attention winning.






For instance, Wizkid or Drake wants to release a video to stand as the official music video to one of his previously released songs, then you seeking for his attention you are enjoined to do a short creative using that very song that the celebrity is currently working on. After making your profile friendly and unique all you have to do is to post it on Instagram you make sure you tag or mention the celebrity’s handle.  Surely if the celebrity comes across your creative post and falls in love with it you have worn already. This approach above got a Fan to appear on a music video of one of the top singers in Nigeria. This can work for you too.





Strategies For Facebook;



Facebook is the same as Instagram and others, so if you follow the special strategies giving in the above Twitter and Instagram platforms, you will surely get the attention you need and you will be happy you read this article.





It is easy to identify a celebrity’s Facebook page because it will contain the blue verified checkmark like that of Instagram and Twitter so you know you are approaching the real celebrity and not a fake account.







I believe this article was very helpful. If it answered your question please drop a comment and share this post to reach others!!!







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