What Are The Importance Of Getting A Celebrity Follow on Social Media?

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What Are The Importance Of Getting A Celebrity Follow on Social Media?

What Are The Importance Of Getting A Celebrity Follow on Social Media?




Welcome to our new article note that we previously made a post which conveys many things you should know about a celebrity and as well how to get a celebrity like Wizkid, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Drake, etc to follow you on social media CONTINUE READING HERE.  But In this article, I would be directing my point toward the importance of getting a celebrity on social media.








Firstly you should know what it takes to get a celebrity following you on social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. It is really like an adventurous journey on getting a permanent follow from big celebrities because they can not easily follow you else they see the importance it could be to them.









The Importance of Getting a celebrity following you on social media is indeed a wonderful mouthful opportunity, getting followed by a big celebrity can pave way for you on becoming a celebrity or influencer too. I will name and explain some common importance and benefits of getting a celebrity to follow on social media below read carefully through to understand.






When you get followed by a celebrity you enjoy the benefits below;





Increase In Number of Followers:  Yes this is 99.5% for real and it always happens, do you know even without a follow a celebrity replying to your post on social media can as well get you a heavy increase in the number of active followers?





This is possible because once you get followed or replied to by a celebrity on social media the celebrity’s fans would like to know who you are what you do, and you actually become the talk on trend so with that it is possible for you to get X10 of your current number of followers as the celebrity’s fans would see you be important to their star and would follow you too because they will welcome you as well as they do to the celebrity.








Become An Influencer: This is how it works, first of all as you follow some guidelines that were shared in our previous post titled (What is the Best Time Possibility of getting by a celebrity) in the section on optimizing your profile to look friendly and welcoming. After which you likely get a follow or reply from a celebrity the more your followers increase in that way you are building a fan base for yourself as well.







Imagine you getting over thousands of followers many rising brands will like to partner with you because they see your public attention is rising and you already can influence your followers to for an example (by their products or go for their services) so you are already becoming a celebrity and this started from getting a follow or reply from a celebrity.







Getting Featured by the Celebrity (Example Entertainers): This works more with entertainers like musicians, comedians, comic actors, etc. Since your public visibility has increased after obtaining a golden opportunity by getting a follow or reply from a top big celebrity, the celebrity being for instance an entertainer might find you more important and would go as far as featuring you to get in any of their programs.





This works more with musicians I think, yes it easier for the singer to get you to perform with them because you might have already done what was instructed in our previous post which says you have to do something creative when seeking the attention of a celebrity who happens to be an entertainer like a musician.






If Your talent or performance is highly welcomed by the celebrity he/she wouldn’t waste the time before they reach out to you and you might get on a long time deal with them that’s a gain you would enjoy.






Get More Celebrity Follow: You know it takes really an adventurous journey to get a celebrity at first but am going to tell you that after you get the first celebrity follow if you can sustain the following it would be very easy to get other celebrities to follow you, Yes this work big time here is how it works.






As you have already made your public visibility higher by first obtaining a celebrity follow, now the more you consistently engage your social media followers and getting some little brand ambassadorships from upcoming brands, then with that you keep growing from step to step.






Okay, this is why you get more follows from celebrities which is easier than the one you got at first, yes this is easier because you really do not have to go through what you went through at first before you got the first celebrity to follow. with your public attention already even celebrities would be already talking about you and this happens more when you are always bringing out sometimes creative and captivating.





For instance, you first got a follow from the talented Nigerian musician Wizkid, you have the possibility of getting followed by his fellow colleagues because with his social media influence and you got followed by him his fellow colleague would be amazed and would likely want to get to know more about you by following you and this is easier if your social media profiles are friendly.






Get Called for Interview with Big Publications: This is one of the steps that is more amazing because this helps to boost your public visibility, for instance, you get followed by doing something great that got the eyes of a celebrity for example Wizkid. You would be the talk of trend and with that many big publications like Pulse Ng, BBC News, Arise News, Punch Newspapers, etc would get to call you for special interviews.







This is very important because from there you have the room of airing your real potentials and what you tend to do, even you can mention the names of the celebrities that have been your motivators and influencers. You are blowing your public visibility by 90% more and you could get your social media followers becoming like floods counting millions of followers.







From the above five (5) stated benefits note there are many others not stated here, but from the five stated you’d see that getting a celebrity follow on social media is really a great achievement one could aspire to get.



Please help me share this post to the reach of others and kindly check always for more updates!!!








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